VITAMIN D3 5000IU (120 vegan softgels)

The Improved Sunshine Vitamin

  • Vegan vitamin D3 sourced from lichen
  • Ensures proper calcium absorption and healthy bones
  • Supports immunity and mood balance

AOR’s VSoftgel™ Vitamin D3 is one of the first of its kind, providing truly vegan vitamin D3 sustainably sourced from non-GMO lichen. Lichen is a plant-like substance made up of symbiotic algae and fungi. Up until recently, the only vegan form of vitamin D available was vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) which is usually sourced from soy and is not as absorbable as vitamin D3. However, most D3 products are usually sourced from sheep wool oil, and are therefore not compatible with a vegan diet.

Vitamin D is primarily known to boost mood, especially during winter months when our skin gets little exposure to the sun. However, vitamin D’s commercial and scientific popularity is approaching that of vitamin C, as more and more benefits of this vitamin are being discovered. Many people use it during cold and flu season to support immunity.

Quantity: 120 vegan softgels

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