Contentment, happiness, anxiety, fear, anger, depression and sadness  are the core emotions that we feel as human beings. While we may blame or credit people, events, or things to the way that we feel, we are responsible for our own emotions. The way we think, the way we evaluate ourselves and others as well as events, and the things we say to ourselves all effect our emotions. Knowing and managing our emotions, recognizing emotions in others, managing our relationships with others, and motivating ourselves to achieve our goals are five abilities that comprise our emotional intelligence as human beings.


Emotions do need to be managed. While what is stressful to one person may not be stressful to another (and this needs to be recognized), physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists believe that stressful events, emotional distress, and our evaluation of stressful situations can affect our health. Persistent negative thoughts and emotions can initiate or intensify damage to our bodies. On the other hand, changing our outlooks to positive ones, and holding pleasant views and emotions, can help the body to recover and heal.


There are several ways to manage your emotions. When you are upset, try to sooth and calm yourself. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, try to reason with yourself and find positive ways to look at your situation. It is also valuable to avoid sustaining anxiety, anger, and depression. Practice self control. Find ways to manage your anger. Keep your impulses under control. There is a time and a place for everything. Some emotions are more appropriate at certain times and places, and knowing this and using self control to express the right emotions at the right time and place is important.  Inevitable defeats and setbacks in life must be handled appropriately. It is important to prevent negative emotions from dominating our judgment and ability to solve problems.


[Source: SOS Help for Emotions by Lynn Clark, Ph.D.]

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