It is no secret that many of the illicit drugs, including marijuana, have mind altering effects on their users. There is evidence that the effects of drugs on the brain persist long after their acute effects have worn off. Recent research found that college students who were regular marijuana users had deficiency in their attention, memory, and learning even 24 hours after using the drug. Expectant mothers who use the drug also harm the brains of their developing children, causing a life-long legacy of brain impairment.


The U.S. Department of Health and Human services has determined that the use, manufacture, and distribution of illicit drugs also play a major role in many homicides. There are three main reasons why illicit drugs lead to violence. The first is their mind altering effects. The second and third are due largely to the hefty sum of money (billions of dollars) that are required to manufacture and obtain the drugs. There are no available national statistics to give a clear picture of just how much evil has been done for or because of these drugs, but studies in New York City and Miami indicate that at least 25 percent of all their homicides are related to drug use.


It is no secret that illicit drugs are dangerous to the body, mind, and society. Not only are they harmful, but most are also illegal. It is best to stay away from these drugs completely. They are not worth losing your life over.


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