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Community Depression Recovery


Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Do not allow yourself to struggle from this curable disease. Join Dr. Nedley, a leading physician in mental health treatment and research, as he walks you through the Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program. With this comprehensive program you will find the keys to a new life in just eight weeks. When you sign up for this program you will receive access to not only the 8-part DVD series but also the workbook and additional reading materials, which reinforce lessons from the DVD presentations and workbook exercises. Take advantage of this opportunity now and learn how you can overcome depression and anxiety, find motivation to help you achieve your goals, and achieve optimal mental health.


 Wonder if you qualify as having depression? Take the nine question test to find out here. 

A Complete Map for Your Journey


Foremost among the books recommended is Depression: The Way Out . This book contains valuable knowledge that can help you not only identify and correct the cause of depression, but improve overall mental health. Also included in the reading assignment are the books Telling Yourself the Truth and SOS: Help for Emotions , written by experts in the field of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT focuses on eliminating self-defeating behavior—replacing negative thinking patterns and self-talk with realistic beliefs about oneself and the world. CBT is the only form of psychotherapy that has been scientifically proven to work better than a placebo in treating major depression.


Program topics:

  • How To Improve Your Brain
  • Lifestyle Therapies For Depression And Anxiety
  • Nutrition For The Brain
  • How Thinking Can Defeat Depression Or Anxiety
  • Making And Staying With Positive Lifestyle Choices
  • Stress Without Distress
  • Overcoming Loss
  • Enhancing Frontal Lobe Function


Find out more and program locations on our dedicated Community Depression Recovery website.

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  • Depression: The Way Out

    Depression: The Way Out

    How to overcome depression by finding the root causes, and addressing those with a combination of diet, lifestyle, and cognitive behavior therapy.

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  • Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program - Standard Kit

    When depression enters your life, it doesn’t have to be thought of as a life-long condition, or even tolerated. Depression and anxiety is reversible! Dr. Nedley’s Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program has successfully helped many patients, through both an outpatient clinic and a 10-day residential program. Now you too can participate in this life-changing program, right from the comfort of your own home! 

    NOTE: We will need your Birth Date for the online Assessment test. Please record your Birth Date in the Comment Section when ordering. Learn More
  • Nedley Depression and Anxiety Assessment Test (DAAT) - Online

    It has been said that patients received more help from taking this one test than they did from spending many hours--and thousands of dollars- -in counseling sessions. The 75-question test will identify which of the ten “hit” areas are impacting your life, giving you the motivation you need to tackle lifestyle issues that keep you from reaching peak mental performance.

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  • Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™ educational kit

    The Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program™ educational kit (designed for a home-based setting) is an exciting updated series that will put you on the path to recovery from depression and anxiety authored by Neil Nedley, M.D.  This eight-part series is sold as a unit that includes informative video lectures and a workbook that will help put your newfound knowledge into action on mental health and wellness, cognitive behavioral therapy, lifestyle,nutrition, and fitness.

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