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  • PRESS RELEASE: Depression Recovery Program Shows Increase in EQ

    EQ Summit brain on black gradientResearchers map elevated emotional intelligence after low-cost depression recovery program


    A new study from Nedley Clinic and Weimar Institute shows the important role a low-cost eight-week depression recovery program has on increasing the emotional intelligence scores of the participants.


    The study presented at the Society of Biological Psychiatry May 13, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia is revealing the associations between those attending an eight-week depression program and an increase in their emotional intelligence. Neil Nedley, MD, and Francisco E. Ramirez, MD, observed that at the completion of the program over 20% of participants were now classified as having very high emotional intelligence Continue reading

  • Eating more fruit and vegetables can substantially increase happiness levels

    fruit pictureFrom:

    University of Warwick research indicates that eating more fruit and vegetables can substantially increase people's later happiness levels.

    To be published shortly in the prestigious American Journal of Public Health, the study is one of the first major scientific attempts to explore psychological well-being beyond the traditional finding that fruit and vegetables can reduce risk of cancer and heart attacks.

    Continue reading

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