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Neil Nedley, M.D. is founder and medical director of the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Programs, and “Optimize Your Brain” program designed to enhance emotional intelligence.  Dr. Nedley is an award winning practicing physician who also serves as President of Weimar Institute, a higher education college that houses the world famous NEWSTART program and the residential and outpatient Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program.   He has presented and published numerous scientific studies in the medical/scientific literature and is well known as a public speaker and teacher throughout the world.  He is author of Proof Positive, Depression—the Way Out, The Lost Art of Thinking, and Optimize Your Brain.  Dr. Nedley pioneered the comprehensive Depression and Anxiety Recovery Programs, with options for home based versions, community facilitator coached programs, and the ten day live in residential therapeutic program.   


Additionally, Dr. Nedley is a board certified Internal Medicine specialist with emphasis in the difficult-to-diagnose patient, gastroenterology, and mental health.   He hosts the annual Emotional Intelligence Summit with global speakers and participants.  He currently is an Adjunct Clinical Professor of Medicine, at Loma Linda University and serves on the constituency of Loma Linda University and the Corporate Board of Andrews University.  Dr. Nedley and his wife Erica have four sons.  He enjoys hiking in nature with his family, piloting his own aircraft, snow skiing, and listening to sacred and classical music.  Nothing is as enjoyable to Dr. Nedley, however, as helping people from the depths of depression and anxiety to the pinnacle of success and fulfillment. 


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Nedley Health Solutions provides health and nutrition products and information to enhance the mind and body. Our educational materials are based on solid, documented scientific research and presented in an interesting and understandable way for both the professional and the lay-person. The health-promoting products we offer are hand picked with care by Dr. Nedley and are highly recommended. At NHS, we are devoted to giving you the support you need to overcome your health challenges and achieve peak mental and physical health.

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